Quality is the most important factor in our operations and could be achieved only through training and education of our employees and through continuous improvement processes in all our operations.

We strongly believe that creating an open and positive atmosphere at our plant is the key factor for motivating our staff to continue improve efficiency and quality of our processes and products.

At our QC department, measurements are done using standard measurement devices such as calipers as well as with more sophisticated means. Two CMM machines enable measurement of complex items and parameters. Our largest machine can measure items with length of up to 1,600 mm.

All critical parameters as defined by the customer are measured, documented and kept on our ERP system. Each product is scribed with its unique serial number to achieve full traceability to the QC data.

Our QC employees are well trained and experienced. They work to ensure that each product we fabricate and deliver meets customer specification and expectation.

Petrus is ISO 9001 approved since 1995.